Mexico + Central America

COVID-19 Reports: No. 70: Access to Information in Central America: Review by Sarah Buck Kachaluba (October 31, 2021) No. 68: Indigenous Peoples’ Access to Information in Mexico: Review by María Lourdes Quiroa (October 31, 2021) No. 65: “Love in time of COVID 19” Pandemic, Repression and Access to Information in Nicaragua by Margarita Vannini (September 30,Continue reading “Mexico + Central America”

Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico

COVID-19 Reports: No. 62: Access to Education in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba: Review by Jeanette Lebrón (September 20, 2021) Access to Education (Puerto Rico, Dominican Rep., Cuba) – 7 September 2021 No. 34: Interviews with Law Libraries in Puerto Rico and Recommendations for the Future by Samuel Serrano and Jeannette Lebrón (February 3, 2021)Continue reading “Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico”

Publications and Presentations

Our project is also part of HeinOnline’s COVID-19: Pandemics Past and Present (under Librarian-Curated Content) Publications: 08/2021. COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean: Experts Examining Legal Responses by Dr. Michele A.L. Villagran and Marcelo Rodriguez. Canadian Law Library Review. 08/2021. Bibliotecarixs enfrentando la desinformación y sorteando las dificultades que impone la pandemia de COVID-19Continue reading “Publications and Presentations”


COVID-19 Reports: No. 67: Accessing Brazilian Legislative and Judicial Information: Review by Daniela Reise (October 21, 2021) Accessing Brazilian Legislative and Judicial Information – 21 September 2021 No. 61: Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court Library During the Pandemic by Luiza Gallo Pestano (September 19, 2021) No. 13: A Day in the Life of a Brazilian Court LibrarianContinue reading “Brazil”

Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador

COVID-19 Reports: No. 69: Access to Information on Elections (Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador): Review by Evelyn Lagos and Antonieta Ubillo (October 31, 2021) No. 63: Access to Information on/for Venezuelan Refugees: Review by Juan Andres Fuentes (September 24, 2021) Access to Information for/on Venezuelan Refugees – 14 September 2021 Access to Information on Elections (Chile, Peru, Bolivia,Continue reading “Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador”

A note about purpose and working together

As millions of other Americans and people from all over the world, on March 17th, 2020, we began working from home and under lock down quarantines. In the midst of a pandemic taking so many lives, infecting our family, friends, neighbors and colleagues near and far, it was difficult to watch the news and notContinue reading “A note about purpose and working together”