Access to Women’s Rights (Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay)

When? Thursday, September 2, 2021 at 4pm (EST, Asuncion), 5pm (Buenos Aires, Montevideo).

Video recording in Spanish below. Please choose closed captions – settings for either Spanish subtitles or English translation.

Charla en español. Escoga “closed captions” para subtítulos en español o inglés.


  • Ornela Mazza, Head of the Office of Access to Public Information, Argentina
  • Graciela Romero, Electronic Government Agency and Information Knowledge Society, AGESIC, Uruguay
  • María José Durán, Lawyer, Semillas para la Democracia, Paraguay
  • Ana Lima, CLADEM Uruguay

Moderator: Gloria Orrego Hoyos, Professor of Law and Legal Research, Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina

Rapporteuse: Bárbara Krieger, Poder Judicial de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

This webinar addressed the impact of the pandemic on women’s rights in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. The situation of violence against women and the feminist struggles that have taken place in these countries illustrate other similar struggles in various parts of Latin America. The panelists spoke about these struggles in their respective countries and how COVID has impacted mobilization and posed new challenges for the development of women’s rights.

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