Accessing Resources and Information During the Pandemic (CARICOM, PAHO, OECS)

When? Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 4pm (EST), 3pm (Kingston).

Video recording in English below. Please choose closed captions – settings for either Spanish or English automated translation.


  • Dr. Carlene Radix, Head of Human and Social Division, OECS
  • Dr. Karen Boyle, CARICOM
  • Dean Chambliss, Subregional Program Director for the Caribbean, PAHO

Moderator: Janette Bulkan, University of British Columbia, Canada and Dr. Rachel Thomas, Iwokrama, Guyana

Rapporteuse: Yasmin Morais, University of the District of Columbia Law School

Caribbean nations have had to face COVID with an already-fragile situation concerning health infrastructure and peoples’ access to it. International and regional organizations, national governments, private companies and civil society groups have come up with new ways of funding, organizing and managing in order to battle against a ravaging pandemic. Speakers talked about how the pandemic has exacerbated an already fragile situation specially when it comes to access to medical services and health rights in the Caribbean and how the pandemic has impacted the current situation.

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