The Halftime Update

COVID-19 Reports on Latin America and the Caribbean: No. 27 (En Español)

My grandmother used to say: whenever things grow too fast, it’s always wise to take a minute to reflect on the path taken and what’s coming ahead. The beginning of a new year seems the perfect time to do such an assessment. 

Our project, Law Librarians Monitoring COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean has produced so far 26 reports and we are aiming at 40-45 (if not more!) reports by March 2021 covering all parts of the region. We are reporting on specific situations to highlight the responses to such an unprecedented situation and how the different governments have reacted to the pandemic. Coming from all corners of the Americas, our project members bring their professional expertise as well as personal reflection to make these reports unique and insightful. Some of them are also translated into Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Please find below a list of all the reports published so far by their respective subregion as well as the idea behind our upcoming reports.

Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru



Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay

Upcoming reports: 

Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico

Mexico + Central America

For the months of January and February 2021, we will be posting reports on Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Mexico + Central America. As with previous months, these posts will highlight specific situations in these countries.

International Organizations on LAC. Following a similar format, a report will talk about the multiple regional and international organizations working to support governments in the region to face the pandemic and to contain the ripple effects.

1918 Influenza in LAC. A last report will look at the historical lessons and perspective when the 1918 influenza spread through the region more than a 100 years ago.

End of Project: March/April 2021

By Marcelo Rodriguez

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